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Normally I wouldn't dream of trying to drive in the horrible weather we're having. Normally I would be more than happy to curl up on the couch and surf the internet all day drinking hot cocoa. Normally I wouldn't give a fig about the road conditions and would be content to stay home and laugh at the fools trying to drive in this mess. But, then, normally it's not Nick's birthday.

I wish he hadn't made me promise to go straight to my mom's from work. I got off half an hour early, and Mark said that I-69 wasn't too bad - I probably could have made it home okay. Now there's a night's worth of snow on the roads and it's STILL snowing, and I have no idea if the roads are going to be clear by this afternoon. I just wanted to take him out for dinner, and then nature had to go give him a snowstorm for his birthday.

All I'm saying is, damn roads better clear up in the next couple hours.
MLP bullshit

I just cobbled a bandage together out of toilet paper and scotch tape because we have no Band-aids

... and then I spent a good ten minutes scrubbing blood out of the carpet. FUN TIMES.

I am back to living paycheck to paycheck. I had a nice, safe amount in my bank account last week. Then I spent half of it on new front tires; then my phone stopped working so I had to spend $50 to get a new one that I'll use for all of two weeks before my contract is up; then Amazon charged me for a service that I signed up for the free trial month so I could take advantage of the free two-day shipping (at least they're refunding me since I canceled without using the service), and when I tried to pay for groceries my debit card ran half the cost and then was declined. So, the good news is I didn't overdraw my account; the bad news is that Nick has to give me gas money for the week, until I can get my next paycheck.

Also, it's a good thing I started Christmas presents early, because I'm already burnt out on them. I have half a blanket, a second pair of slippers, a tie, a tea cozy, a muffler, and a shark to make, on top of a second sock for myself and a shark hat to finish. And that's not including the Nook cover I want to make for myself as well.

Let's see, what else have I been up to since I updated last? Well, I cut my hair on Wednesday - it's now just above shoulder-length and layered. Everybody keeps telling me it looks very cute. I'll have to take their word for it, since I don't really have a high opinion of my own appearance, but I do like the way it looks and it's not too annoying to deal with. I did, however, rediscover what happens when you shower before bed and sleep on wet, short hair - it poofs out five inches past your head and won't calm down unless you stick your head under the faucet.

I've also gone back to Curves, and I'm trying to both watch my calories (hard) and get myself to go in three times a week (harder). Thankfully Nick is there to nag me into it. I really do appreciate him helping me to lose weight, even if I do snap at him a lot. I'll have to do something really nice for him sometime soon to let him know.


Note to self: bathing rats will net you roughly the same amount of bodily harm as bathing a cat. Save it for the big messes next time instead of "Well, they're smelling a little musky..."

In other news: OW.

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We went to Owosso this weekend to look at reception halls and see if we could book the church for May 14 of next year. Our choices ended up being the ZBCJ-something Lodge (seriously, the name's just a bunch of letters that I can't remember at all), the Comstock Inn, and the Owosso Country Club. The lodge is $500 for the hall and $10-11.50 per plate, and is roomy but really dim inside even with all the lights on; the Comstock is too small, overpiced ($600 for the space and, at the cheapest, $14.95 plus 20% gratuity per plate), and the "Grand Ballroom" is pretty much the lobby area - but they've got decent room rates, so they'd be good for out-of-town guests at least; and the country club is... well, I wouldn't say perfect, but we're both leaning toward it. It's got a nice room with large windows that opens out onto a patio, they'll take us out on the golf course if we want to take some outside photos after the ceremony, and the space is only $300. Nick's mom is going to go in later this week to ask about the catering prices, since the person in charge wasn't around when we visited, but if they're decent we'll probably go with the country club.

Nick ended up visiting just in time to find out that one of his friends is out of the state getting chemo because he's got cancer again, and another friend's mom just died of lung/spinal cancer. And I spent the entire weekend trying not to fall asleep, because we had to get up early while I'm still trying to get used to my work schedule.

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I had a job interview at a grocery store in Battle Creek this morning. Normally I'd be excited about this, but even after graduation the job would be, at most, about 25 hours a week, and with the 40-minute drive that's mostly highway driving, I don't know if the job's worth taking. Mom said it all depends on where I'm living, which is true, but Nick and I were hoping to stay in Kalamazoo and possibly room with some friends to save money. My other option is to stay in the house in Pulaski, which Mom's willing to rent to me for $200 a month plus utilities. It's a great deal, but not really feasible either since it's even farther away from Battle Creek.

She's also excited about the idea that I could work there mornings and go to Marshall in the evenings to help take care of Mark's dad, which I've agreed to do in the event that I don't find a job before graduation. I would certainly make more money that way, but the idea of getting up and driving to another city to work an 8-hour shift that starts at 7:00am, driving back to Kalamazoo at 1:00 to relax for a couple hours before I have to go to Marshall at 4:00, then watching Win from 5:00 to midnight ... well, it's not exactly appealing, even if it's only for three days a week. And that's even assuming I could get them to switch me from afternoons to mornings, since I already told the interviewer that afternoons/evenings work better for me while I'm in school.

If I were still living with Grandma and this was a summer job, I would jump at the chance, but I don't know if I would be able to pay for rent, utilities, groceries, gas, my phone, and any other expenses. But I can't be picky, either. I know damn well that it's going to be hard to find a job, and I don't want to screw myself over. I'm just worried that I won't earn enough to support myself, and I'll have to keep relying on Nick and my parents to take care of me.

Holy crap, nostalgia factor.

I just found the first forum I ever joined. It's read-only and all the names got changed to anonymous, but it's all the same posts I remember. Hot damn, I was a dumb, DUMB kid.

Now I'm all nostalgic and wishing I still talked to the people on that board. Most of them either aren't online or aren't people I talk to much anymore. Damn.
MLP bullshit

Could you be any more of a dick?

I went to Jackson today to go to a doctor's appointment and to talk to my parents about wedding finances. I really, really wasn't looking forward to it, thanks to a rather pretentious email my dad sent earlier and the fact that he's incredibly tight-fisted, but it went rather well. HOWEVER, I got back to Kalamazoo and promptly realized that I left my wallet in Jackson. After some freaking out and calling the Starbuck's we'd gone to to see if they had my wallet (they did not), I called Dad to ask if he would go in and check in person, to see if maybe they hadn't seen it. After I'd hung up, I remembered I was at Panera too, and called him back to ask him to check there.

He agreed, then said, "You know, I'll gladly do this for you, but if an honest person finds it they're going to call you and let you know they have it."

"Yes, Dad, but if a dishonest person finds it I'm fucked."

"Well, yeah, but that'll happen whether I go looking for it or not."

A;LSKDJLKAFLJ FUCK YOU DAD. I'm SOOOOOOO fucking sorry for inconveniencing you by asking you to help me find the wallet that contains my driver's license, school ID, social security card (dumb idea, I know), debit card, bank account number, and insurance cards. Clearly you are doing me a huge favor instead of something a good parent does to help out their child. My bad. Next time I'll be sure to lose my wallet where Mom lives so you don't have to get off your ass and do something about it.

Panera DID have my wallet, thankfully, and everything's in there, though I'll double-check my bank statement online in the next couple days just in case something did happen. But still, I really did not need that conversation while I was freaked out and crying because I had no idea where the wallet was. I have a headache now, which I know is from all that crying, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be this bad if Dad hadn't pissed me off so much.

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Last semester I took German 5600, where we read five German plays. All of them, if not outright depressing (especially Before Dawn by Gerhart Hauptmann and The Man Outside by Berthold Brecht), had downer endings.

This semester I'm taking another 500-level German lit class, and we're starting with Frank Wedekind's Spring Awakening. I already knew the basic plot, so I asked Olivia (the professor) if we were going to read anything with a happy ending in this class.

Her reply? "Well, some of the poems we'll be reading later on are really beautiful!"

Thanks, Olivia. I'm so looking forward to this class now.