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We went to Owosso this weekend to look at reception halls and see if we could book the church for May 14 of next year. Our choices ended up being the ZBCJ-something Lodge (seriously, the name's just a bunch of letters that I can't remember at all), the Comstock Inn, and the Owosso Country Club. The lodge is $500 for the hall and $10-11.50 per plate, and is roomy but really dim inside even with all the lights on; the Comstock is too small, overpiced ($600 for the space and, at the cheapest, $14.95 plus 20% gratuity per plate), and the "Grand Ballroom" is pretty much the lobby area - but they've got decent room rates, so they'd be good for out-of-town guests at least; and the country club is... well, I wouldn't say perfect, but we're both leaning toward it. It's got a nice room with large windows that opens out onto a patio, they'll take us out on the golf course if we want to take some outside photos after the ceremony, and the space is only $300. Nick's mom is going to go in later this week to ask about the catering prices, since the person in charge wasn't around when we visited, but if they're decent we'll probably go with the country club.

Nick ended up visiting just in time to find out that one of his friends is out of the state getting chemo because he's got cancer again, and another friend's mom just died of lung/spinal cancer. And I spent the entire weekend trying not to fall asleep, because we had to get up early while I'm still trying to get used to my work schedule.


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May. 18th, 2010 11:42 am (UTC)
First off, HUGS because I haven't talked to you in ages.

Sounds like you may have found a good place & I hope it works out for you :)

That sounds like my life right now (obviously not the getting married stuff but the bottom paragraph). Sucks when everyone has health problems all at once.
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